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Second exit for Wellesley Station:
TTC open house, September 23

You can learn more about a project to improve access to Wellesley Station, when the TTC hosts an open house this Tuesday, September 23.

The TTC plans to install a second exit and automatic entrance, corridor and stairs, linking the street with the platform and closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras at the station.

The open house takes place in the Grosvenor Room, Central YMCA, 20 Grosvenor Street from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m.

TTC staff will be available throughout the evening to answer your questions about the project, including the construction schedule and staging. Display boards will show the proposed design.

Court jails man for 90 days
after he assaults TTC bus operator

Last Tuesday, September 16, a Toronto court sentenced a 21-year-old man to 90 days in jail for assaulting a TTC bus operator. The man also received another 90 days in jail for failing to comply with the conditions of a recognizance order.

Sunday, March 23, the man boarded a TTC bus at Kingston Road and Lawrence Avenue East. The driver asked him to lower the volume of music coming from his phone. The man complied. While arriving at his stop, the man approached the operator and commented about him not knowing who he was dealing with. He then punched the operator several times in the head and face. After reviewing closed-circuit television (CCTV) images from the bus, Toronto Police Services officers arrested the suspect a short time later.

Tyler Brown, age 21, who was in custody serving time unrelated to this incident, pleaded guilty to assault and failure to comply with recognizance. He was sentenced to 90 days for each offence, for a total of 180 days to be served concurrently after his current sentence. The court also placed Brown on probation after his incarceration and ordered him to stay away from the TTC operator.

The TTC employee received lacerations and contusions on his face and head.

On average, at least two TTC employees are assaulted every day. The assaults range from punching, slapping and spitting, to threatening physical harm or death. The TTC’s court advocates work with Crown attorneys and the courts to secure the stiffest penalties possible for those convicted of assaulting or threatening TTC employees. They continue to seek ways to restrict those convicted of these crimes from using public transit in Toronto.

In the news: Sunday, September 21, 2014

Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area media report on public transit issues today.

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Elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Scarborough RT opens late, September 21

TTC crews are maintaining the tracks of the 3 Scarborough rapid transit line this Sunday, September 21.

Trains won’t operate along the line until 1 p.m. that day, instead of the usual 9 a.m. opening.

Frequent shuttle buses will operate between Kennedy and McCowan Stations. The TTC will assign extra Wheel-Trans buses to the area for passengers who need an accessible connection. TTC staff will be at each station to help passengers find their way to their destination.


Buses replace streetcars on Queen East,
September 20 to 22

TTC crews are upgrading the streetcar power supply this weekend, requiring the TTC to cancel streetcar service along these routes, serving Queen Street East east of Kingston Road:

  • 301 Queen overnight; and
  • 501 Queen.

Frequent shuttle buses replace the cars, operating between Neville Park Loop and Coxwell Avenue all day Saturday, September 20 and Sunday, September 21.

Regular service resumes Monday, September 22 at 4:30 a.m.


Leslie upgrades and track installation:
Work continues September 20

lesliebarns masthead.png

City of Toronto and TTC contractors continue the project to upgrade the street, improve the water-service infrastructure and install streetcar tracks on Leslie Street.

(They’re building new tracks to connect the future Leslie Barns streetcar maintenance and storage facility to the tracks on Queen Street East.)

The contractors have scheduled crews to work this weekend, tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 and Sunday, September 21 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., when they’re:

  • working on the northwest corner of the intersection of Leslie with Eastern. Flag people will help direct pedestrian traffic. The contractors will restore access after work hours.
  • upgrading utilities at the intersection of Leslie with Commissioners.

The contractors plan to reopen the intersection of Leslie with Eastern for east-west traffic Tuesday, September 23 morning. They’ll make a northbound lane available on Leslie Street from Eastern Avenue to provide access to the Marigold Gardens Condominium parking garage.

Next week,crews start the next phase of the project on Leslie Street **between the north side of Lake Shore Boulevard East and the entrances into the Loblaws / Burger King and Tim Horton’s / Wendy’s / FreshCo parking lots. While this section of Leslie, north of Lake Shore East is closed, crews will upgrade the utilities and install tracks.

Motorists will not be able to access northbound lanes of Leslie from Lake Shore.

Motorists can still travel east-west through the entrances to the two plazas or access the stores from Lake Shore at the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Mosley Street.

Pedestrians may still cross Leslie on the north side of the plaza entrances.

The TTC continues to detour buses operating along the 31B branch of the 31 Greenwood route, the 83 Jones route.

Buses operating along the 143 Downtown / Beach express route may resume their regular route after Tuesday, September 23 if the Eastern / Leslie intersection reopens, but the TTC hasn’t confirmed this.

Queens Quay track construction
continues September 20

TTC crews continue rebuilding the streetcar tracks on Queens Quay West, as part of WATERFRONToronto’s project to upgrade the streetscape.

The City of Toronto is temporarily closing York Street between Harbour Street and Queens Quay West until Friday, October 3.

While the street is closed, crews are connecting the newly installed storm-water infrastructure on Queens Quay West to the infrastructure on York Street.

South- and northbound traffic will have no access to or from Queens Quay from York Street. Westbound traffic on Queens Quay West will continue through the intersection.

Queens Quay - York Construction - Sept 15 - Oct 1 - 14.bmp

The City is also closing Harbour Street between York and Bay Streets, while contractors install a pedestrian bridge to extend the PATH network of walkways southward from 1 a.m. Saturday, September 20 until 5 a.m. Monday, September 22.

Crews continue installing new streetcar platforms, overhead wiring and street furnishings this week:

  • Platforms and shelters: They’ve completed most of the new streetcar platforms and have installed the shelters. They’ll start building the final platform, **west of Lower Spadina Avenue, late next week.
  • Overhead cabling: They’re finishing install overhead cabling in two final sites — between York and Bay Streets and between Robertson Crescent and Rees Street — to get ready for streetcar service to resume Sunday, October 12.

Crews continue rebuilding the new roadway on Queens Quay:

  • Between Peter Slip Bridge and Rees Street: Crews start pouring the concrete road base this week.
  • Between Rees Street and Rees Parkette: They continue digging out the **north-side concrete curb cradles and placing new granite curbs near 260 and 270 Queens Quay West. They’re also working to finish the city standard brick gutters, TTC concrete buffers and adjust all utility access portals (“manholes”) and catch basins in this area.

The contractors have crews working this weekend, Saturday, September 20 and Sunday, September 21.

  • York Street area: Crews are connecting storm sewers.
  • Radisson Hotel area: Hydro crews are removing primary overhead poles.
  • Between Peter Slip Bridge and Rees Street: installing concrete for the new roadway.

The TTC continues to replace streetcars operating along the 509 Harbourfront route with buses during this project.


Highway 7 East rapidway construction:
September 20 to 26

Hwy 7 east - new map.jpg

Metrolinx and York Region contractors continue to work on the project to build a rapidway — bus-only lanes in the centre of the roadway.

Contractors have scheduled crews to work on various components of the project Saturday, September 13 from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Here’s what else is going on this week:

Davis Drive rapidway construction:
Starting September 24

Metrolinx and York Region contractors continue the project to build a rapidway — bus-only lanes in the centre of the roadway — along Davis Drive in Newmarket.

Contractors plan to close Main Street North next week to start building the new vivastation and complete as much road construction as possible before winter. To accommodate necessary work to install storm sewers and water mains and widen the road, the street will be closed overnight and during the weekend to reduce disrupting traffic.

Overnight from 8 p.m. Wednesday, September 24 until 9 a.m. Thursday, September 25, they’ll close Main north of Davis to all traffic. They’ll also close the street from 8 a.m. Saturday, September 27 until 8 p.m. Sunday, September 28.

Main and Davis construction - Sept 24 to 28 - 14.jpg

Metrolinx and York Region are advising commuters — especially those traveling to Newmarket GO Station — to plan on adding extra time to your trip to avoid delays. Consider boarding trains at East Gwillimbury or Aurora GO Stations.

During Davis Drive rapidway construction expect delays for:

  • GO Transit express buses operating along the 65 Newmarket / Toronto route; and
  • York Region Transit passengers riding local buses operating along the 44 Bristol, 50 Queensway, 54 Bayview, 55 / 55B Davis Drive, 58 Mount Albert, 223 Newmarket GO shuttle and 520 / 521 Newmarket community routes.


St. Clair West crane lift:
TTC detours, September 20

The City of Toronto is closing:

  • St. Clair Avenue West, westbound lanes** between Lansdowne Avenue and Caledonia Road

tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 morning, afternoon and early evening.

The TTC is detouring northbound buses operating along this route, while the street is closed:

  • 47B Lansdowne via Caledonia and Bridgeland.

The work will not affect southbound buses. Buses operating along the 47A Lansdowne (St. Clair) branch of the route and streetcar operating along the 512 St. Clair route continue to provide regular service during the closure.


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